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Solar Stik Marine 100 System with Wind Turbine (Product Discontinued)

Portable power systems can range in complexity depending on the technologies involved, but one signature of all portable power systems is the ability to operate independently, in the absence of traditional sources such as grid- or utility-produced power.

Loads and power components of the Wearable Advanced Soldier Power (WASP) System

A Solar Stik System integrates power generation, power management, and energy storage technologies to create a high-efficiency power circuit. Our systems vary in complexity, ranging from low-wattage, man-wearable components to 10 kW hybrid systems that combine traditional fuel-driven generators and renewable generation sources.

Loads and power components of the Wearable Advanced Soldier Power (WASP) System

The Tactical Automatic Landing System (TALS) is an automatic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landing system specifically tailored for land-based UAV operations in small areas. The TALS is generally powered by a 3 kW Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG); however, in this photo, a Solar Stik Hybrid Power System consisting of solar panels and a fuel-driven generator for power generation, lead-acid batteries for energy storage, and a Power Hub and PRO-Verter for power management is being tested.

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Explorer’s Log

  • There are four parts of a portable power model:
    power generation, power management, energy storage, and the load.
  • Portable power systems can operate independent of grid or utility power.
  • The operational power spectrum of Solar Stik Systems is up to 10 kW.

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Four Parts of a Power Model

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